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Zend Guard and Optimizer Hosting

We support Zend Guard Loader, formerly Zend Optimizer.

We setup and install Zend on our servers for you. Drop your zend scripts/files in and they work immediately and automatically for you right from setup.

Zend hosting

The Zend Guard goes over the intermediate code generated by the standard Zend run-time compiler located in the Zend Engine, and then optimizes it for faster execution. The standard Zend run-time compiler used by PHP 4 and PHP 5 is indeed extremely fast, generating code that is usually 2 to 10 times faster than the equivalent code in PHP 3. But an application that uses the Zend Guard Loader typically executes another 40% to 100% faster. With PHP 5 and 7 Zend Guard with opCache can significantly speed up your website. We now also include Zend Guard Loader with CloudLinux and LiteSpeed server API.

"The Encoder Compiles and converts the plain-text PHP scripts into a platform-independent binary format known as a 'Zend Intermediate Code' file. These encoded binary files can then be distributed instead of the plain text PHP protecting your hard programming efforts.

Enables PHP source code protection (against copyright infringement and reverse-engineering) of commercial PHP applications through advanced encoding and obfuscation technologies.

Provides IT Managers with a solution that prohibits modification of their internal PHP application source code so they can effectively support them.

Streamlined integration with Zend Studio is just one click and your PHP application is encoded. Auto-detects and suggests PHP code elements (such as functions and methods) to exclude them from being obfuscated significantly reducing development time."

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