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Client Testimonials

We love web hosting and our clients!

Over the last 20 years Ultra (Flux Services) has accumulated many testimonials, reviews and awards. From time to time we like to check up with our customers to make sure we are doing a great job and provided below are some of the many client testimonials submitted by our customers.

Bill Brislin
Tillamook, OR USA

"Just a note to let you guys know that your AWESOME!! Everytime I have had a problem you fella's have had an answer with the hour. I have never ever seen better customer support in my life. Thanks a bunch!"

Bill Brislin - Tillamook RV Repair and Sales

Deborah Mazon
San Antonio, TX USA

"If you are looking for a webhost that really cares how well your site does, come to Ultra webhosting. They really take an interest in your site. Big difference from most of these companies. Believe me, I have tried quite a few. Big Difference!!!"

Susan Fontain
Armona, CA USA

"I been a customer for several years now. I would just like to say how much I appreciate Flux Services. Your hosting packages are fantastic, with great prices and payment plans. I have never experienced such great support as I have with your support team.

Thanks for all you do."

Sharlene King
Chicago, IL USA

"I have been using Ultra since they were Flux for almost a Last 18 Years now.

These guys are the most professional of all the webhosts I’ve worked with providing patient and thorough customer service quickly and also charge the lowest rates I’ve ever paid for the myriad of services they offer.

Everything is turned-around fast and reliably and those are 2 words I didn’t know could be in the same sentence with webhosting.

I recommend them to all my clients, and use their affiliates program because I am confident that anyone who uses them will be 100% satisfied and swear by them too."

Vincent Houckman
Newcastle, GB

"I was really looking forward to this testimonial, as the service I’ve received is amazing. Whenever I have a question, I can get live chat support with them and if the operators are too busy, I can submit a ticket which I get a really quick reply sometimes being only an hour before they get back to me. Everything is just soo much easier with ultra and for the price you can’t beat.

I run and I have experienced many web host company. Ultra Website Hosting beats them all hands down for fast and quality of service.

I say try them. Once you’ve experience there great service. You’ll never want to leave!"

Scott Ayon
Oracle, AZ USA

"Anything of value is worth every effort! This company is Top-Shelf. I especially want to Thank David & Kevin for their exceptional professional manner! The service industry is not easy and it takes have Good People skills which these to have and then some.

I would highly recommend, and will, to anyone that asks! Keep up the Good Work!

You're The Best!"

Brett Legg
Grove City, OH USA

"First: seeing the promo code on main page for first month free hosting was truely amazing. I must say it was nice to take advantage. :) Second: I admit seeing shared hosting made me skeptical. The host before you guys was shared hosting as well. They were terrible! I had quite few problems with them. My website was either down, sloooooooow, or something else was wrong. I couldn’t see myself passing up what ultra website hosting has to offer. My website loads super fast no problems. The hosting is perfect, features are great, and support you guys been great as well. I had a question not to long ago and support jumped on it quick. :) Third: I had to build my website from the ground up once again. I seen Fantastico listed as something in the C-Panel. Which most places do have it. Usually every time I use Fantastico to install something like Joomla! for instance, it’s usually out dated and I have to do a manual install. Well, I figured I would give it a shot with you guys, and bam freshly updated Joomla! Perfect! Even installed SMF and freshest update was there. Truely fantasic! You guys make installing new things simple and fast. Wish I could give ultra website hosting a medal. You guys really deserv. Keep up the great work, and consider me a life customer. This has been like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!"

Ryan Wenndt
Ankeny, IA USA

"When I first came to Ultra Website Hosting I was very careful about everything I did. I have had a lot of hosts in my past thats had bad support or died. With Ultra Website Hosting I now know I came to the right place. Ultra Website Hosting is the best hosting out there HANDS DOWN! There support team is beyond great and they are also Online 24/7. If you ever need help they wont ask questions they will jump on it right then and there. They stand by there product and they don’t rip you off. Sure there are cheaper hosts out there but nothing like this. Ultra Website Hosting rips them selfs off for the satisfaction of there customers. If you are looking for a host look no further! Ultra Website Hosting is here for any and all of your Website Hosting needs!!!"

Zach Larson
Las Vegas, NV USA

"The customer support that this website has provided me with is as close to perfect as I’ve seen. I was experiencing a few problems with my website’s server load, but my representatives David and Kevin were able to help me work out the whole situation. Their responses were fast and helpful as the same time. Great job guys!

Sunit Katkar
Sunnyvale, CA USA

"My website has been up and running since 2000. I moved to Flux (Ultra) couple of years after becoming very tired of one service provider after the other who did not deliver. Ultra has been very prompt and I have never faced any downtime. When my server’s motherboard was tripping, Ultra were prompt to change it and did not give me some excuse."

Cleethorpes, United Kingdom

"The customer support here is amazing. Im not even a customer yet (will be shortly now) and I still received instant and helpful customer support for all of my questions."

Glenn Wagner
Las Vegas, NV USA

"Those that know the importance of customer service will be blown away, like me. Hats off to you guys!"

Gail Wilson
Grover, NC USA

"Just wonderful! You have the finest support for clients I have ever seen. You saved the day for me and were so helpful and caring. You went beyond the call. You are at the top of the list in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I can not thank you enough for what you did for me. You all are the greatest. Many, many thanks, Gail"

John Welch
Yeronga, Australia

"Thanks to the team on live support online we have experienced excellent immediate assistance on both occasions we have needed help with our website. We will be recommending your services to everyone we know that has a website or is in need of the services that you provide. Many Thanks John Welch."

Dale Allee
Placentia, CA USA

"David has assisted me with excellence tonight on several attempts of mine to get familiar with the service. Thanks a million!"

Kym Raab
Galena, OH USA

"I have several on-line stores from here to England, and have had several Hosting services as well. Testing the grounds so to speak; I think Ultra Website Hosting is absolutely one of the most fantastic hosting sites available! All the bells and whistle here! PLUS they have WONDERFUL customer service, one in the name of David Turner! Absolutely one of the BEST, most hands on, ALWAYS there no matter what, tech, client questions, web site situations reps available."

Chris Scoones
North Bend, WA USA

"I’ve been with Flux Services for over a year. I’ve been very impressed with the stability of the servers and especially with the support."

Marco Manna
Calgary, Canada

"Very helpful, friendly and fast service. David knew all the answers to the questions I was asking… which is more than can be said of some other companies who I’ve had to deal with that outsource their customer service to foreign countries with agents who barely speak english. 5 STARS!"

Morris G. Mead
Lima, OH USA

"My name is Morris Gene Mead and I am a customer of Flux Services, Inc. Within the last few days I registered a new domain and transferred everything from my old domain. During this exercise, I witnessed unusual service that was so responsive, personable and professional that I am moved to offer these words of thanks and praise. The responses to my requests and the answers to my questions were so prompt that I almost felt as if the Flux Services folks and I were in the same room. I have not often been so impressed.

There is a term used in sports called “the intangibles.” You can’t see it or smell it but, when you have it, you can feel it. For example, a professional football team can have the best coach and the highest paid “best players” but still can’t win a game. And it is because they just haven’t put it all together yet.

These two gentlemen David and Kevin have it together. They understand what it is about. I want to say thank you to them and to Flux Services, Inc. Flux Services can take both pride and satisfaction in these two gentlemen. There is one other thing and it’s a very important part of my experience. I received the services of these two professionals in a transaction for the grand total of $13.95. Thank You Flux Services, Inc."

Everett Vinzant
Layton, UT USA

"I have repeatedly received assistance from both Tech Support and Customer service and They are by far and away the MOST professional, MOST knowledgeable, and quickest response group I deal with. I can think of nowhere else I would even consider taking my business. I started with a 6$ plan years ago, and am currently a reseller. I have had nothing but good experiences."

Richard Dennis
Midlothian, VA USA

"The tech support at Flux is awesome! They are very fast, and extremely knowledgeable. Whenever I have questions, I know they will answer them quickly and in terms that I can understand!"

Andrew Maurer
Sleepy Eye, MN USA

"Very fast response, issue was fixed in less than 2 minutes – thanks Kevin!"

Darren D
Tacoma, WA USA

"My experience with Flux Services has been nothing but good. And special Thanks go to their technician “Kevin” …who is always willing to help and go the extra mile to solve problems. The guy is super nice and a straight Computer/Web genius! Thanks so much."

Shaun Rogers
Port Orchard, WA USA

"I have had nothing but the absolute BEST support from everyone at Flux, and tonight was more of the same. David was extremely helpful, as always, fixing my problem before I even had a chance to explain it."

Nick Coates
Cheltenham, England

"Fantastic support, services and easy to use website. Been with FluxServices for over 2 months, and have already recommended to many local companies. I am glad to be hosted with a such professional and friendly host."

Robert Morsillo
Port Orchard, WA USA

"David from the live support area was absolutely fantastic i cant praise him enuogh. I asked question after question for almost an hour and he answered all of them and in plain english as i am very new to website, domains and hosting etc….For anybody who is contemplating using these guys all i can say is if the rest of them are anything like David dont hesitate, join up right away because i am convinced."

John Liwang
San Francisco, CA USA

"Flux Services has been great to help me with my growing website, I am not 100% versed in website technologies and they have made it easy for me to run a website with a large member base in regards to automobile tuning. Their support has been very fast to help me with any problems that I am having with my hosting and site."

Richard Dennis
Midlothian, VA USA

"The guys at Flux Tech Support are AWESOME!! Especially Kevin! I have recommended Flux to several people, and it is mostly because I am so pleased with the support I am receiving. Thanks!"

Peeter Jeret
Tallinn, Estonia

"I am not a beginner in “webstuff” and therefore i might have had some really stupid questions for support. He explained it to me so that even a first grader could understand it.Thanks and keep up this kind of courteus and professional work."

Jackson Forrester
Colora, MD USA

"The support at Flux Services is unbeatable, great response with online tech help and email. Simply wonderful, thank you Flux services!"

Sukree Rameli
Kota Bharu, Malaysia

"We have been doing an online business since 1995 and have used many web hosting firms big and small for our numerous website. Finally we find Flux Services provides internet solutions to us. We always receive quick and personalized service. We are impressed with the professionalism and knowledgeable responses that we receive from FluxServices support team. Any question that we have about our account and problems that outside of their responsibility, was quickly solved by the highly competent staff. We have found a high level of customer service combined with technological proficiency that you do not often find in the field of website hosting industry."

Rebecca Zappa
Luck, WI USA

"Fluxservices is truly the best hosting company on the web!! The support and service is second to none."

James Butler
Cumming, GA USA

"I came to this host from Tripod, and boy was I surprised by the excellent features, great prices, and above all, the outstanding customer service. I could not be happier. The live, on demand customer service and tech support really blew me away. The representative was more than helpful, and made the experience enjoyable."

David Shimp
Des Moines, WA USA

"I’ve been a member for a few months now and I love Flux Services. The Service is SUPER reliable and the support staff is great, not to mention the prices are unbelievably low for the amount of services that are supported."

Nauris Krauze
Geneva Switzerland

"Although I had had no experience at all, Flux proved that setting up a webpage is easy and does not require monstrous amounts of money.

The thing I loved the most was that although it was a Sunday, there were support people online, who could answer my questions via chat in a matter of seconds. Definitly a positive experience for a web-virgin like me :)"

Randy Smith
Tacoma, WA USA

"FluxServices is a great hosting service. Consistenly reliable and dependable."

Renee Sullivan
Millington, TN USA

"Flux Services offers wonderful customer service. Anytime I’ve had a question, they have been right there for me."

Andrew Cuvaj
Burlington Canada

"I have never seen a website host company so dedicated to its customers! Flux Services has by far the best Customer Support I have seen from a web host company, I would recommend Flux Services to anyone who is looking for reliability, speed and Customer Service @ great prices."

Matthew Halliwell
York, United Kingdom

"I am very pleased with the service that you provide. I have a large enough bandwidth to allow all the visitors I need to visit. My website is there day in and day out as I have had no downtime and unlike previous hosting companies I have been with you don’t force me to advertise on my site! Great!"

John Corales
Chicago IL, USA

"We are using Flux for the hosting of some our critical services. It is not a simple business to build a website. The nature of any online website builder is to give a real time services for everyone. Now our services are always online and ready to help in real time to any of our customers who want to create a website."

Trentin C Bergeron
Lakewood, WA USA

"Flux Services is THE easiest, fastest, most robust web service I have had the pleasure of using. Transferring my account was a breeze. In fact, it took longer to jump through the hoops of my previous service provider while Flux was all ready to go. When I was setting up my site I had a couple of questions. The online help was perfect. David was quick to respond each time and answered all my questions. You can actually talk to a REAL person online! I was impressed.

Not only is the service Top Notch, but I was blown away by all the features in the control panel and the storage/bandwidth I get for the price. I shopped for months and could not find a better deal. Flux takes monthly no contract PayPal payments! This is definitely a bunch of web savvy people who know what it is like trying to manage a web site and endeavor to provide services and features well above and beyond your average hosting service.

I feel switching to Flux Services was the best thing I could do for my business and my web site."

Deborah Beeksma
Show Low AZ, USA

"Recently, I purchased a plan with Flux Services, Inc., because I needed a backup hosting service (the one I usually use was down, and the material that I have online is sensitive and cannot be unavailable for extended periods of time). I was impressed not only with the price and product offered by Flux, but the customer service was fantastic. I had a question that was answered within five minutes on a Sunday. Signup is instantaneous –no waiting around for name service information, etc. I would highly recommend this service."

Olu Gittens
Brooklyn, NY USA

"My experience with Flux Services has been excellent! The control panel is very usable and easy to navigate. They offer 3 different choices of email software. Flux offers a number of services, including automatic Post Nuke installation, as well as e-commerce, blog and bulletin board set-up via Fantastico. But most of all, their support team is VERY accessible. When I needed the help, they manually transferred two different CMS-based sites over for me. They’ve readily answered all my questions. Their customer support is thorough, on time and upbeat. No question is too small for them. This is a web host you can really grow with."

Joel Telling
Bothell WA, USA

"Before I was with Flux Services, my website and mySQL load times were horrible. Users complained of 30+ seconds of loading. After my move, my website loads up after 2 – 3 seconds, and all my users are happy. Customer service is also top notch, and I can’t beat the price. I highly recommend having your web site here."

Toby Dunn
Phoenix AZ, USA

"I had been struggling to get my site online with my previous host… I got serious help here, courteous and friendly, that got me up and running in no time! Thanks Guys!"

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