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What is SMTP?

What is SMTP

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - A simple text-based protocol used to send e-mail on the Internet. SMTP is a set of rules regarding the interaction between a program sending e-mail and a program receiving e-mail. Due to its' simplicity, it also results in SPAM'ing. We offer many tools to fight against SPAM including Spam Assassin, filters, and remote lists. SMTP is a push protocol meaning it cannot pull messages from a remote server. To do this POP3 and IMAP are used for receiving email. By default SMTP uses port 25. Many ISPs have disabled port 25 due to excessive spammers. We offer port 50 as an alternative port for our clients to send email.

SMTP is support with all of our Ultra hosting plans.

SMTP is part of the application layer of the TCP/IP protocol. Using a process called "store and forward," SMTP moves your email on and across networks. It works closely with something called the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to send your communication to the right computer and email inbox. SMTP spells out and directs how your email moves from your computer's MTA to an MTA on another computer, and even several computers. Using that "store and forward" feature mentioned before, the message can move in steps from your computer to its destination.

Description: SMTP Information
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