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What is a mx record?

What is a MX Record

Mail Exchanger. This is a mail handler that is used to send Internet mail. You use the MX prefix when sending outgoing mail from a VMS mail system to indicate that the mail is not for a local user, but should be sent out on the Internet.

An MX record must contain a host name defined by an IN A record. In CNAME aliases are not allowed to be used as MX record host names. It also sets priority levels for different services.

MX record changes are often made when mail hosting is to be done seperate from website hosting. This is often the case with personal mail servers and third party webmail programs.

MX records can be easily changed right from our hosting control panel.

Any time an e-mail message is delivered through the internet, the mail transfer agent (MTA) queries the domain name system for MX records of each recipient's domain name. This specific issue occurs issue returns an index of host brands regarding mail exchange hosting space acknowledging inward mail for the area and also their own personal preferences. The particular transmitting realtor after that efforts to determine an SMTP connection.

The MX mechanism does not grant the ability to provide mail service on alternative port numbers, nor does it supply the opportunity to send out mail supply all over a few unequal-priority mail hosting space by simply assigning a weighting importance for you to every. MX can be used to send out supply all over equal-priority mail hosting space.

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