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We support PHP7. What is PHP7?

PHP7 Hosting

The release of PHP 7 is a significant milestone in PHP's history. Since 1997, PHP has grown to become the most popular Web language in the world, rivalling commercial alternatives, and gaining ground even in the most conservative organizations.

Previous major versions of PHP have all revolutionized the way people create Web-based applications, and made it simpler to create more powerful, high-performance web sites.

So why is it so fast? Zend Technologies is boasting performance improvements of up to 200% on real-world apps. Lower memory usage is key in the performance boost. By moving less memory around things go a lot faster. Developers have also worked with Intel to make better use of hash lines and newer CPU features such as registers.

PHP 4 provided another rate burst, as it introduced the Zend Engine. However, the majority of PHP 4's modifications were behind this scenes. Those features helped more people than in the past to use PHP, but it didn't supply to them more tools to develop their sites.

Particularly, PHP 4's model of object-oriented coding (OOP) lacks a lot of features, the MySQL file format doesn't support the modern MySQL 4. 1 purchaser protocol, and XML support is usually a hodgepodge.

Fortunately, PHP 7 increases on PHP four in three main areas: Object-oriented coding, MySQL, XML

There are a few items no longer available in PHP7. Immediately noticable include ASP-style and script tags. Instead, use the
New features include uniform variable syntax, spaceship (combined comparison operator), null coalesce operator and scalable type hints.

These things have all already been completely rewritten, turning them from limits into star points of interest. While these modifications alone warrant a brand new version of PHP, PHP 7 also provides an array of other new attributes. These features enable your PHP 5 code to frequently become shorter, more sophisticated, and more flexible than any other time.

Where possible, we highly recommend using PHP7 when possible. Is your script the latest version? You will find most scripts now support PHP7 which includes popular web scripts like WordPress. With our stack we have seen speed improvements up to 212% over PHP 5.6.

With Ultra Web Hosting, you not only can get going with PHP7 immediately, but you can setup which modules you use along with customize the PHP environment. What makes this even better is our platform runs over LSAPI and has integrated Varnish for even faster speeds.

PHP7 is available on all of our available hosting plans.

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