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Ioncube Hosting

We support ionCube hosting. What is ionCube? ionCube is a source code protection engine. ionCube compiles PHP files in encrypted binary format, therefore a special loader is needed to run compiled files. ionCube is used by many PHP developers to protect their code from being copied and redistributed. ionCube can be a replacement for this purpose for Zend.

Ioncube Hosting

With Ultra Web Hosting you can upload your ionCube scripts and they will automatically work with the server's ioncube loader installed and ready to go! There is no need to deal with loader files, install or download ioncube for our service.


"PHP scripts can be easily read, changed and run on any PHP enabled system. Encoding PHP offers important benefits. Product Developers: protect and license your code before distribution. Time restricting is ideal for protecting evaluation copies, and server/domain based locking helps secure revenue from multiple domain deployments. Website Designers: protect your creative work and a revenue stream from future script updates. Enterprise Customers: successfully enforce internal change control policies by avoiding untracked software tweaks that may get lost on a site reinstall or server move. Website Owners: hide sensitive data and protect scripts from unauthorised changes that may go unnoticed indefinitely, and be a serious security and data protection risk."

Ioncube Hosting

We support ionCube on our servers both globally and also when ionCube modules are installed or may be accessed in a directory within your account. Many scripts that require ionCube load right up with no modification of loader files needed! We make it easy for you with our web hosting service.

The following is loaded on our servers: zend_extension="[path]/"

With php ioncube preinstalled, no download is needed and you can setup ioncube php enabled web apps quickly with our service. All of our servers run enterprise 64-bit Linux and include Softaculous for easy hosting script installation.

Service: hosting ioncube server

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